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The days are getting longer and we are starting to put that winter gear away! Spring is in the air and the warmer days bring new adventures for dog walks and puppy playtime! As we transition from winter to spring (and soon summer), be aware of some of the pet hazards we may overlook in our angst to get out and enjoy! Take a look at the list of springtime pet tips below to provide the best adventures of our pets! 

Shedding - Springtime also means time to shed that winter coat. Be sure to brush and detangle often to ensure a healthy unmated coat. Some breeds shed more than others. The beauty of owning a furry friend!

Exercise - Most pups are ready and anxious to get out and get going, as are their human counterparts. Ease into exercise, especially if your pal is of heavier weight. Just as a human would, don't go full force to the dog park daily if your dog has been pretty stationary this winter. Give them some time to work back up to exerting that pent-up energy. Before you know it, summer will be in full force and so will they!

Lawns - Springtime also means gardeners haven! Did you know there are several blooms that we see frequently in Colorado that can be toxic to your pets? Lillies, daffodils, and tulips are among them They sure are pretty but be aware of what could be harmful to your pet's health before planting this spring. You can find a complete list at

Allergies - Your pets are susceptible to seasonal allergies just as you are. With pets, you will likely see skin problems as a result. Itchy skin, hairless coats or patches are among some signs. Allergies can be caused by pollens, grasses, dust, dander - all of which are present during this time of the year. If you suspect allergies, visit your veterinarian for relief (for you and your pets)!

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